I am an investor

In our commitment to democratize the life sciences, under the principle of conscious capitalism, we maintain active and continuous relationships with different investors with the intention of sharing information about companies, as well as exploring options to link with the investment vehicle that promotes the growing development of well-differentiated companies, with disruptive technologies in biotechnology, wellness and life sciences.

The relationship dynamics to face the future challenges that life sciences mark is carried out with individuals, investment funds and corporate funds, maintaining a process based on close and personalized contact with clear and concrete information.

To learn more about Tech Innovation Group and investment opportunities, you can contact us by email: comunicaciones@tig.com.co

I am academy

In Tech Innovation Group, knowledge is key to innovate with disruptive technologies, highlighting biotechnology, with application in well-being and health. In this way, the relationship with universities, research groups and researchers contributes to our interest in identifying and developing business initiatives for the development of solutions based on viable results of research, development and innovation activities.

The development cycle is configured with the exchange of information, knowledge and lessons learned, actively seeking the generation of value and tangible benefits for the academy, in such a way that they promote scientific and technological advance aligned with the solution to social needs based on the life sciences.

Open and dynamic relationships with universities, research groups and researchers are and will be a strength for Tech Innovation Group and for this reason we seek to expand the network of contacts to advance the purpose of democratizing the life sciences, starting from three criteria for the selection of ventures, which is directly associated with the strategic pillars: innovation, added value and social impact. If you want to know more about Tech Innovation Group and establish contact, you can write to: comunicaciones@tig.com.co

I am an entrepreneur

The challenge involved in the development and acceleration of companies from the research and development process requires the integration of entrepreneurial teams with a broad perspective, willing to move with agility and creativity to overcome the barriers that all entrepreneurship must face in order to achieve successful results.

At Tech Innovation Group, the entrepreneurial effort must be committed to economic development for a country or region, social well-being, and environmental sustainability; with nascent companies that project extraordinary growth based on differentiation with technologies that transform and benefit people’s quality of life.

To learn more about our company, its results and conditions for the development of companies with technologies that provide solutions in well-being and health to promote the democratization of life sciences for a better world, you can contact us at: comunicaciones@tig.com.co

What are we on?

Tech Innovation Group strategically intervenes in the development of the companies that make up the investment portfolio with technical knowledge and project management, a broad vision of the market and its trends, business development and financial management to achieve growth and sustainability over time.

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