It seeks the generation of biotechnology-based alternatives for the diagnosis and treatment of allergies caused by mites of medical importance. Derivatives of specific recombinant antigens are currently being developed in order to determine their potential application in sensitizing patients with a response to domestic allergens derived from mites.

Company that has developed a solution based on the Internet of Things (IoT) for the analysis of data based on artificial intelligence that arises from the real-time monitoring of physiological variables with multiple applications for population management, such as the functional effect of treatments and medications. chronic diseases.

Company specialized in animal nutrition that through research and development process has alternatives based on microencapsulated eubiotics resistant to high temperatures that improve the intestinal flora of the animal, as well as probiotics and prebiotics and therefore increase growth factors and fattening; with improved performance in the weight gain feed ratio. its greatest environmental impact corresponds to the reduction in the use of antobiotics as a standardized process for fattening the production of animal protein.

Company specialized in the revitalization of natural extracts that take advantage of Colombian biodiversity, with Bioingredients for the food and cosmetic sectors. The main services are aimed at producing ingredients from the technologies developed, and the R&D center with services of proofs of concept, prototyping and scaling of bioingredients, Co-creation of bioingredients and knowledge transfer.

Company specialized in advanced cell therapies from mesenchymal cell culture for osteoarthritis, arthritis, alopecia, ischemia and neurodegenerative diseases

Company specialized in the manufacture and supply of medical devices for surgical, dental, aesthetic and therapeutic treatments

Health Provider Institution, Immunology and Genetics Center that takes advantage of technological and scientific developments to provide comprehensive and affordable care to patients with RARE DISEASES AND COMPLEX PATHOLOGIES; improving their clinical condition, quality of life and family environment; at the same time that it contributes to the viability of the health system.

Company for the development, formulation, production of medicines and botanical products derived from Cannabis, mainly for the treatment of pain and refractory epilepsy, among others.

Company specialized in nutritional management with a platform to offer automatic guidance to establish healthy habits

Company specialized in research, development and production of medicines through the use of blood products.

Company specialized in the development, manufacture and supply of skin care products, based on peptides and natural extracts that prevent the deterioration of the skin caused by the passage of time and solar factors.

Company that was born as a Spinoff of the University of Antioquia, specialized for the development, production and commercialization of antivenom and antivenom of interest in Public Health. It has a new technology for the production of third-generation drug therapies and innovative results that allow obtaining much more efficient, affordable and safe products for this type of antidote.

t is a company founded in 2008, with the fundamental purpose of creating an Integral Center of Analytical Services of excellence, and focused on Research, Development and Validation of Innovative methodologies, aimed at the Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetics, Hygiene, Cleaning, Agrochemical, Cannabis and Related Industries and Sectors such as Hospital, Plastics and Chemicals.

Our approach has allowed us to create with our clients a relationship based on reliability, professional ethics and a high added value of specialized scientific knowledge.

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