About us

An organization committed to the development of technology-based companies, seeking the creation and consolidation of new solutions in life sciences that contribute to human, animal and environmental health.


The higher purpose arises from the firm conviction that it is possible to contribute to the well-being of people, impacting social development and environmental sustainability through innovation. In this way, Tech Innovation Group contributes to the development of sustainable solutions within everyone’s reach to build a better world.


Tech Innovation Group invests, with active capital, in entrepreneurship that solves unmet needs, transforms current models and configures businesses under the principle of conscious capitalism, aiming to improve quality of life while generating economic development and sustainable competitiveness for the region.

Each solution arises from active investment with entrepreneurial capital and strategic intervention that accelerates the development of companies and the talent that makes them up, the key factor being the passion to contribute to social development and environmental sustainability.
Tech Innovation Group
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