Our History

In the year 2000, Juan José Zuluaga Rivera, a Pharmaceutical Chemist graduated from the University of Antioquia, decided to found a series of companies within the pharmaceutical sector. One of them is Humax Pharmaceutical, which starts operations developing antiretroviral drugs, meeting in a timely manner the neglected needs of the population affected by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), with reasonable prices and effectiveness for the treatment of the disease, reaching such visibility that it generated interest in some multinationals in the sector.


Years later, after a period of committed work and in the company of a team of people who contributed to the growth of the companies, he agreed to the acquisition of Humax Pharmaceutical with a Canadian company.

This milestone allows him to guide his dream of continuing to work to build a better world, convinced that in Colombia and the region there is enough knowledge and talent to create solutions that arise as a result of science, technology and innovation activities, developing high value products. aggregate. Thus was born the initiative to establish a group of companies that take advantage of the knowledge of researchers and entrepreneurs, maintaining the vision of generating social impact, through chemistry which is his passion, thus emerging Tech Innovation Group.

This dream began to materialize in 2015, together with María Isabel Montoya, Alba Lucía Ceballos and Jhon Henry Valencia, structuring an initiative with roots in the research groups of the University of Antioquia.

For the beginnings of Tech Innovation Group, research projects with extensive experience and tangible results are taken as a basis to assess the potential to become viable and sustainable companies. Thus, an organization takes shape that consistently intervenes in research initiatives to turn them into innovation-intensive companies, with added value in their processes and social impact in their broad development vision, capable of offering affordable products.

Six years later and 16 companies configured in the portfolio, this dream come true seeks to multiply the effort and the results to democratize the life sciences by transcending borders, seeking to have a presence in several countries and investing in business initiatives in Latin America, contributing with more people who share the vision of saving the world.

Design and Development